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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spirit River Dyed Peacock

Just for prince nymphs?

I am a sucker for peacock herl, and try to find any imaginable reason to add it to fly patterns.  Up to this point, there have been some serious limitations to the colors available.  Frankly, I really didn’t want any other colors, but when my local shop started carrying these Spirit River Dyed Peacock Eyes, I had to buy one of each color.  I was somewhat skeptical at first when I saw them, because I have dealt with bleached peacock before, and the durability just isn’t there.

Purple Prince Nymph

I noticed that the barbs on the herl seemed very small, but I was pleasantly surprised once I started wrapping it on my very purple prince nymph.  The barbs fluffed right out, and the durability was definitely there.  I even gave it some extra hard tugs to see what the breaking point was.

Stonefly using the yellow dyed peacock

 It’s tough…  Once tied in, it almost took the presence of a super translucent dubbing that was wrapped in the most perfectly even dubbing loop possible.  I have had a blast tying with this product, and look forward to adding it to flies in the future.


FlyFishFood  Review
Dyed Peacock Eyes
Spirit River

Not all herl is created equally, but the batch I got was top notch.
A bit pricey, but if you are a herl junkie, it's a must have!
You can add peacock herl to anything.


  1. Thanks for sharing - I've been tying a lot with peacock lately. $4 is pricey, but they have some excellent colors.

    I spend $2 for some colored ones at Hobby Lobby

  2. I love tying files , I love tying with peacock and love it over all best looking and my #1 body material What i don't like or to see is off colored or crappy looking peacock. I just don't like to see strung peacock.or peacock eye's and so on............ when some stores like bass pro or any store like bass pro that sometimes do carry or display them. If there's crappy peacock in your fly shop or fly fishing department i would tell them straight up.." this is not up to my standards" ..Next time your in the store look to see if they fixed that problem.