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Monday, February 11, 2013

Down on the Patch

Harvesting for the caddis and terrestrial tying season

I've had some whacky ideas floating around in my head lately and this style of picture-story photography is something I've really been wanting to try out. This is the first in a (hopefully) series of a few "mini-scenes" I've been toying with.

Down on the Patch
I went back and forth on the "patch" color, but ultimately decided on green. As you might see, they harvest the hair, set it out to dry and then prepare it for tying in the "natural" dried color. Not sure what these diminutive dudes would do with the bigger-than-life hair stackers (in reality the ones pictured here are the smaller mini-sized stackers as the normal sized ones were too big) but I figure it adds to the theme of tying with hair.

Anyway, kinda silly but hope you can enjoy it.

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