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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Foam slicing tool

Craft store scores again...

Here's yet another example of a great little tool you can pick up at a local craft store. (see our previous write-up on other craft store scores here).

This cutting tool is great for cutting straight lines in foam and also allows you to maintain enough control to do some free-wheeling cutting for going along curved edges and such. The cutter is made by Fiskars and is fairly inexpensive.

The I found myself able to cut along both a straight edge as well as just following lines on the foam. I made quick work of a few foam sheets to form even width strips for things like Chernobyl style ants and other patterns that need rectangular pieces of foam.

Give it a whirl...


  1. I wanted to try the paper cutters - in which one would usually place a sheet of paper, then pull down on an arm and cut lengths/strips of paper or possibly foam....

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