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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Zaggin' Zook Bass Popper

Walk the Dog

A few years ago, I was fascinated with a common lure the bass guys throw a lot -- the Zara Spook. It's a topwater "walk-the-dog" style lure. Anyway, the hypnotic zig-zag motion with the accompanying clicking sounds were basically a dog whistle for fish on many occasions. As is my modus operandi, I set out to copy that motion with a fly. The Zaggin' Zook was born.

I took it through a number of on-the-water tests and fine-tuned the shape and weight distribution and came up with the final version that seems to do ok. It's nowhere near the action you'll get with the real lure, but it does a good job zagging back and forth given the right movement of line and moves a lot of water when you want to give it a sharp pop. Give it a try

smallmouth bass zaggin zook

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S 1/0
Thread: UTC GSP 100 Denier
Underbody: 0.30 lead free wire
Body: Rabbit and Squirrel Strips, Ice Wing Fiber, H2O Baitfish, Chartreuse Hackle Flash
Head: Pre-shaped Rainy's Foam Popper, Cut and Dremeled. Painted and coated with Clear Cure Goo


  1. Sorry to say you did not come up with that fly, design or technique, that is a copy of an original that you are trying to take credit for....that is Charlie's Pole Dancer.

  2. LOL, not quite. This fly took it's maiden voyage well in advance of the release of the Pole Dancer. But thanks for pointing it out... :)

    1. I can attest to that too. I fish gear a LOT and Curtis worked pretty hard to come up with something that would fish like my spooks. This was many years back.

  3. It is a great website.. The Design looks very good.. Keep working like that!. largemouth bass

  4. What size Bass pop is used in the video?