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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Real. Easy. Mayfly.

Great for skinny water

When I was working my way through college, working in a local fly shop, one of my fellow shop rats invited me to head out and fish a PMD hatch early one June. As we ventured out, I made sure I had a few of my favorite PMD dry fly patterns at the ready. As we began fishing a very slow and glassy section of the river, my buddy was into fish right off the bat while I struggled to get any takers. My comparadun wasn't cutting it. I ended up swallowing my pride and took a peek at his pattern. It was nothing more than a hook with very sparse yellow dubbing and a few wraps of light dun hackle. No tail, no wings and nothing else. It was the only thing, on top, they'd eat that day. Since that time, I usually always have a variety of "sparse" style mayflies ready to roll. 

This particular pattern is nothing fancy nor is it ground breaking, but I've been on a kick lately incorporating UV resin coated bodies into my dry flies. Surprisingly enough, a UV coated body doesn't sink like you'd think it would. Granted, you're not slopping on a ton of the resin, but a light coating will work just fine without affecting flotation.

And I'm again impressed with the awesomeness that is the D202 hook from Allen. It's a great dry fly hook -- one of my favorites. And if you haven't tried UNI-Flexx for your ribbing (or bodies), you need to get some on your tying desk. It's basically a span-flex type material, but comes on a spool.

Material List

Hook: Allen D202 #14  -- Buy Here --
Thread: MFC Premium, 6/0, Yellow  -- Buy Here --
Shuck: Sparkle Emerger Yarn, Gray  -- Buy Here --
Body: Thread; UNI-Flexx, Gray  -- Buy Here --
Hackle: Whiting Bronze Cape, Dun  -- Buy Here --
Body Coating: Loon UV Fly Finish, Flow  -- Buy Here --
Thorax: Ice Dub, UV Lt. Yellow  -- Buy Here --

**(Obviously, you can mix and match colors here to get Baetis, Callibaetis, Tricos, etc)


  1. Hi, Any fishing advantage to using a 1xl hook vs a standard hook?

    1. It just extends the body a bit. If you have normal hooks, go for it!

  2. Hey Cheech, I have the clear cure goo hydro for tying your killer hare's ear. Will that work ok for this fly? Also, on the video, it looks like you just give one thin coat on the top of the fly. Is that correct? Or are you painting a coat around the entire fly?

    1. hydro works... I think I put two layers on the top of the wing case. That's the only place you should put it.

  3. have you ever tried folding the hackle as you tie wrap it forward? gives it a great wing shape more like the backward sweep of a natural bug?