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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Blingnobyl Continues to Perform

Not sure why, but it works

Bonneville Cutthroat that inhaled a Pink Bling
We have written quite a bit on the background and results of fishing this pattern herehere and here. Considering this spring and summer we've really been throwing it a lot more, it makes sense to push out another update with some more pictures.

Although we've fished a few minor variations, the main style of the pattern has held true.

Now with the store featuring most of the materials, including the fancy sparkle foam , it's a good time to get some of these tied up. They're super-easy to tie and float like a cork.

Sparkle Foam

Material List (see video tutorial below)

BodyGlitter Craft Foam (Pink 2mm) glued to 2mm Fly Tying Foam, Cut to shape
Legs: Rainy's Barred Rubber Legs -- Buy Here --

Small stream brown that liked the Pink Bling over natural imitations

A Tiger trout that seemed to like the Tan/Gold Bling

This pattern has seen its better days.

Small stream cuttie that ate a Bling.


  1. Hi,cheech I have a question what are the materials that you used on that 6/0 musky fly that was showed on the mongoose vise review? P.S love the blog and videos keep it up!

    1. Atreyu,

      It is tied with unicorn mane fibers from a harvested animal that we found in the happy hunting grounds.