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Friday, October 10, 2014

Carp Dough Boy

Move over dough balls

Carp Dough Boy

Here is a little carp pattern that we have been playing with recently. With some of the new carp toys out like Cohen's carp dub, and Allen carp hooks, I couldn't resist messing around with some bugs.  This fly is also very functional as a mini crawfish and can be tied in a variety of different colors to match the forage in your waters.

A couple of keys for this fly:

  1. It's compact like a little edible nugget for the fish
  2. It is a low odor fly.  No superglue was harmed in the making of this film.  The glue was Loon water based stuff.
  3. It's tied on a beefy hook that will hold up to the biggest and baddest carp battles.
  4. Ice dub - it plain catches fish.

Hook: Allen MP003BL #4-#8 BUY HERE
Thread: UTC 140 - fl. fire orange BUY HERE
Eyes: Barbell eyes with eye - 4mm yellow BUY HERE
Tail: Wooly bugger marabou - hot orange BUY HERE
Legs: Magnum predator legs - grizzly barred rootbeer BUY HERE
Body: Cohen's carp dub - cray-zee orange BUY HERE
Collar: Whiting coq de leon hen saddle - speckled orange BUY HERE
Wing: Wooly bugger marabou - rusty brown BUY HERE
Head: Ice dub - pheasant tail BUY HERE


  1. Love it! Hopefully I'll be able to get some decent sized carp on the fly this year. All I've been able to get is 1 pounders.

    Can you guys do a post sometime about types of fly boxes? Like which ones are good for dries (not crushing hackle), nymphs, streamers, etc? I think this would be really helpful. I know many people (including myself) who own dozens of boxes, but are never satisfied with which flies are in which boxes. For example, I am constantly switching my streamers from box to box since none of my boxes really fit them, and a suitcase style box wont fit in my vest. Now I currently stick all my streamers in my fly patch, but have lost a few already.

    Thanks, Troy

    1. That's a good idea. We'll consider that in the future. For the most part, both of us really like the slit foam C&F style boxes for everything but streamers, but we are making the change over to the Tacky boxes. For streamers, I have tried them all, and I keep going back to the Cliff Bugger Barn. Recently we co-developed the Articulated Streamer Barn with Cliff, and It's now on our site. It's really good for corralling big, unruly bugs.

  2. Tying up a bunch of these. Thanks Cheech and Curtis for being such sharing, helpful, and cool guys who get and embrace true fly culture!

    1. Thanks David! You must be talking about Cheech right:)