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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Skirted Bugger

Conventional Bass World Meets Fly Tying

Several years ago when I started to fish more seriously for bass I was given a lead pot, molds, powder paint, and "skirt" making material.  My friends wanted me to give jig making a try since I knew how to tie flies.  Boy did I ever make some jigs...  I still make all of the jigs that I fish with, but it didn't take long for the conventional bass influence to trickle over to fly tying.  The El Sculpito is a design that is heavily influenced by bass fishing because of the gross amount of silicone legs that it uses.  This "skirted" style of fly is nothing really new in the warm water game, but I wanted to meld it with a bugger style fly.  This fly is kind of Calcasieu Pig Boat meets Wooly Bugger and can be modified about a million different ways.  Also, the way that the silicone is tied in can be used in a lot of different flies to add bulk and maximum lateral line stimulation.  I see some guys buying pre-made bass skirts and using those on a fly, but the only reason that the bass guys will use those pre-made skirts is that they don't know how to "hand tie" them.  By tying them in with thread you get a much more durable tie in point, and the silicone flares much more.  Good luck with this fly...  It's very simple and a ton of fun to customize.

~ Cheech



Hook: Daiichi 2461 #2 (+)
Thread: Danville 140 - Black (+)
Cone: Brass Cone - Copper Large (+) Any color works...
Weighted Wire: Lead Free Wire - .030 (+)
Paint: Powder Paint - Olive Gold (+)
Tail: Nature's Spirit Prime Long Marabou - Dark Olive (+)
Body: Hare'e Ice Dub - Olive Brown (+)
Flash: Ice Dub - Gold (+)
Collar: Silicon Streamer Legs - Olive Gold (+)


Hook: Daiichi 2461 #2 (+)
Thread: Danville 140 - Black (+)
Cone: Brass Cone - Copper Large (+) Any color works...
Weighted Wire: Lead Free Wire - .030 (+)
Paint: Powder Paint - Black Red (+)
Tail: Nature's Spirit Prime Long Marabou - Black (+)
Body: Hare'e Ice Dub - Black (+)
Flash: Ice Dub - Red (+)
Collar: Silicon Streamer Legs - Black Chrome Red (+)


  1. This may not be saying much due to the fact of me being new to the fly tying world but yet again you guys have created the WOW! factor when it comes to tying flies. Great Job! Powder paint here I come!

    1. You need some powder in your life.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Do you guys have a quota you have to reach with Loon so thats why you demonstrate how to use items like the powder paint? It just seems very involved to dip it, cook it, and bake it if you understand where I am going with this

    1. Loon doesn't make the powder paint. In fact nothing Loon-ish on the pattern actually. But the nice thing about these tutorial thingers is if you don't find it your cup of tea, we've got a lot less complex pattern tutorials that might work better for you :) Also, you obviously don't do these one at a time. You cook up a batch at once and then just use them like a regular cone or bead head.

    2. It's labeled as the Loon powder paint in your catalog so I assumed its a loon product being sold. The recent tutorials with the kreelex variation and bugger are ways to push the product to your loyal followers. I think its creative and fantastic just like everything else you guys throw out there. Too many snobs that guard their information and creativity to help the lessers in this crazy world of fish catching. You guys have been doing awesome work for years it was just a simple question if you were doing it as an effort to sell the product.

    3. one more thing.. have you heard of lively legz and do you have an opinion on the product

    4. I've seen Lively legs, just haven't used them so I don't have any experience.

  3. This is a articulated monster waiting to be created!!!

  4. This is an articulated monster waiting to be created!!!