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Friday, June 24, 2016

Pat's Rubber Legs - Variation

Kick up a very popular trout pattern

I was first introduced to the Pat's Rubber Legs (AKA Girdle Bug, Pickle, Drifting Turd, etc,) about 10 years ago as I was fishing with a friend on a Utah river that was loaded with stoneflies.  We'll just say that he caught a ton of fish and I didn't...  Lots of Utah anglers that I know totally overlook stoneflies and go right for the typical microscopic tailwater midge stuff, but a few seine samples are enough to show them how healthy the stonefly population is here.  The Rubber Legs can be both very simple, and very maddening at the same time due to the unruliness of the rubber legs, so we show a trick in the video on how to easily tie them in, and how to keep them out of the way while you wrap the chenille.  I also add weight and a wingcase to this fly because I kind of can't help it...  The original pattern called for an unweighted body to allow for maximum movement in current, but I have been fishing them on a Euro rig, so I need it to be heavy.  anyway, this is a highly customizable pattern that is effective anywhere that fish eat chenille and rubber legs.



Material List

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Hook: Daiichi 1730 - Bent Shank Nymph Hook - 6     
Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - 70 Denier - Olive     
Weight: Lead Free Round Wire - .025     
Body: Speckled Chenille - Black/Dark Olive     
Legs/Tails/Antannae: Silicon Streamer Legs - Speckled Froggy Green     
Wing Case 1: Loon UV Clear Fly Finish - Thin (1/2 oz)     
Wing Case 2: Loon UV Clear Fly Finish - Thick (1/2 oz)     
Wing Case 3 : Loon Fly Tying Powder - Earthtone (Choc. Brown, Midnight, Pumpkin)     
Wing Case 4: Loon Fluorescing UV Clear Fly Finish     

Other tools from the tutorial:
F6010Loon UV Mega Light     


  1. Never once thought of putting a wing case on a girdle bug. Brilliant.

  2. Funny, I just tried to add some of the Masked Maurader concepts to this a week ago. What do you guys think about moving away from the spandex legs (spanflex, life flex) to the Silicon ones?

    1. The only reason I like the silicone legs better is that they are always straight. The spanflex legs are still really nice, but it's hard to get a pack that has straight legs.

    2. Holy moly I thought I was the only one. Those legs are warped every time. Silicon it is.