Mousey McMouseface

Feed Rodents to Your Fish Gimme some cheese! Several years ago when I lived a quarter mile from an amazing bass fishery I found myself creating all kinds of topwater patterns to chase them with.  I had all of the typical bass colors and variations of poppers, divers, and about every gaudy thing that my crazy mind could think of.  When the going got tough and the bass didn't want to play, I always tied on a natural colored mouse pattern and they always ate it.  No flash, no fancy moving parts, just super buggy fishiness.  That mouse consisted of rabbit strips for a tail, wrapped rabbit for the body, foam for the belly, and foam for the back...  I can't quite remember how it was put together, but it was a buggy buggy fly.   Sam Mouser 1 Like many mouse patterns, this one was kind of plagued with a tail that always fouled, and the lack of a stinger hook that let the tail nippers get away without a lip piercing.  I have dabbled with mouse patterns off and on for

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