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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Griffin Montana Mongoose vs. Regal

Good vs Good

For the past 3 or so years you have noticed that we favor the Griffin Mongoose vise, and a big percentage of our videos are filmed on it.  Curtis and I both been using the Mongoose for a long time because of it's versatility in holding virtually any hook that we have thrown in it...  We are not on a pro staff with Griffin or Regal, but we absolutely demand a lot out of our vises, and we typically stick to something that is high quality and that works every time we stick a hook in the jaws.  The Mongoose is great!  The Regal vises are also great!  Recently we have been filming a lot on the Regal, so we filmed a short video to explain how that happened.  I had some special help from my son Seth AKA The Foosa to film this video.  For him though??  It's not even close.  He's a Regal fanboy.

~ Cheech

Check out the whole lineup from these two awesome brands:




  1. I do use my Regal for big saltwater flies but miss true rotary with it. I want my hook shank to stay in one place. I have a Renzetti 3000 that I use for all my trout flies. Can't beat it.

  2. p.s. The Regal does have unmatched hook holding power!

  3. Bought my Griffin Mongoose a couple years ago and love it. You guys were a major reason why I chose the mongoose. It really does hold about any hook you want it to.

  4. No way am I switching back to a vise where I have to switch heads and mess with notches etc. Seems odd guys tbh. Mongoose is awesome even if you don't swap the base. Material clip too, so good. At 185$'s a pretty easy descision.

  5. Sure now I have to buy a different vice again HMMMMMMM