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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Easy Baitfish Resin Heads

Low Fat Minnow Version

Low Fat Minnow Chub Version

It's been a while since the original Low Fat Minnow came out, but we wanted to make a video on how to make the head turn out perfectly every time.  There are some really subtle things that you can do to make the head durable, proportionate, and super fishy.  The good thing is that this technique can be modified for any size baitfish across many different patterns.  As you watch the video, you will see that the two most important things are 1) A rotary vise to create a perfectly round head. 2) Resin that is thick enough to allow you to create the head without bleeding into the fibers.

~ Cheech


  1. Question for you. In the past I have always set the eyes a little further back into the dubbing material. I noticed you set them almost half over the thread wraps and half over the dub. I've ALWAYS struggled with adhesive eyes. They never stay in place for me and always end up sticking to something and dripping out of place. Do you think positioning them half on the thread wraps gives them something more tangible to stick to to prevent that?

    1. If I put them at the very front of the fly I like to encase it in resin like in this video. If I put them further back in the dubbing, I like to use an adhesive called Tear Mender. You can see that technique on post we did on the "Belly Scratcher Minnow."