Wally Wing Callibaetis

Speckled Wing Facelift Top View: Wally Wing Callibaetis We fish a fair number of different mayfly hatches each year but Callibaetis are really starting to become one of my favorites. The hatches tend to be long-lasting, consistent over time and we get into some amazingly beautiful country chasing these guys around each summer. And this Wally Wing style Callibaetis is one of my favorite adult imitations when the fish are taking the dry flies. Originated by Wally Lutz, the wing tied in this style is surprisingly durable and gives a very accurate profile to feeding fish. The other surprising factor is how well it floats. In the video shown below, in between dressings with Loon Lochsa and some dessicant floatant, I had one pattern last for a solid hour or two and 10 to 15 fish. A big key to that longevity is a barbless hook. Anything that takes more pressure and finagling to get out of a toothy mouth will no doubt take more abuse. High Country Cutthroat who fell to a Wally

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