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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Asher Stacker

A Killer Midge Cluster

orange asher midge cluster pattern
Asher Stacker 
Going back a few years, I posted the story of the Orange Asher and how it had become a solid part of my midge box. But, as is my usual tendency, I tinker with things. I found that the original Asher ended up doing better when more sparsely hackled. However, the problem there became that it didn't float as well. That got me thinking about ways to keep enough hackle but yet still maintain a somewhat sparse amount of hackle showing to the trout. That's when I figured a hackle stacker style Asher would do the trick.

What I realized even more is that with this style, the bright orange body sits flush on the water and is much more visible. So I've basically transitioned my section of Ashers in the midge box to a section of Asher Stackers. And like the previous version, Green, Purple, Red or Pink are also great colors.

Note: See the 2nd video below for a more wide-angle explanation/view of how to wrap the hackle.

Material List

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Hook: Fulling Mill 35050 Ultimate Dry Fly Hook, Barbless - 16     
Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - 70 Denier - Fl. Orange     
Underbody: Veevus Holographic Tinsel - Orange - Medium     
Hackle: Whiting Hebert Miner 1/2 Saddle - Bronze - Grizzly     
Hackle Core: RIO Powerflex Tippet - 6X     

Other tools from the tutorial:
Tiemco Razor Scissors     
Tiemco Midge Whip Finisher     
C&F Design Hackle Pliers     
Loon Fluorescing UV Clear Fly Finish     


  1. Will you be tying this fly at the Wasatch Show? I'm not sure how you pulled off wrapping the hackle around the mono while keeping the mono tight(unless you grew a third hand that Cheech didn't tell us about!).

    1. It's carefully practiced black magic levitation. But yeah, I'll probably spin up a few of these at the Wasatch show.

  2. Cool fly Curtis! I was going to tie some up. How do you keep the mono tight with wrapping the hackle? Teeth?

    1. Good question. I needed to show that better. It's actually my middle finger that holds the mono loop while I twist with the other hand and fingers.

  3. do you size up/down the hackle? or do you keep it the same size as the hook?

    1. I usually keep the sizing the same as the hook gap. You could go up a size and still have it look decent if you wanted as well.