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Monday, February 20, 2017

G Funk Stonefly

You Can't Fake the Funk

Seines are cool...  Several summers back, I was fishing with my brother on a very popular Utah river, and I had brought my 3'x4' seine so I could show him the importance to fly selection and how each river is very different.  Off we went to some fairly oxygenated water and he went a few feet upstream and started the seine dance.  After several minutes of making him look like a complete idiot, we had some movement on the screen.  Those samples won't be easily forgotten, not because of the sheer amount of insects that ended up crawling around on the screen, it was because the majority of them were large gnarly stoneflies that somehow found their way into a river dominated by mayflies and midges.  We all know that they didn't just somehow end up there...  Most anglers will just find something that works and stick with it (not that there is anything wrong with that) and completely ignore insects that might even help you catch more fish than the normal standbys.  By seining these waters, I not only changed the normal bugs that I fish there, but I started to fish where these big meaty morsels hang out.  Guess what?  I caught lots and lots of fish that summer, so did Uncle Drew and he's a total noob. #burn

Several of these experiences have led to good ideas at the vise, and this one was no exception.  I filled boxes with different stonefly patterns, and many have changed up year to year.  The G Funk is kind of a mashup of a lot of different patterns all mixed into one.  It's got chenille, rubber legs, a UV hotspot, and some soft hackle.  Anyway, tie some of these bad boys up and head out to harass your local trout.


Material List

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Hook: Daiichi 1730 - Bent Shank Nymph Hook - 6     
Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - 140 Denier - Black     
Bead: Plummeting Tungsten Beads - Black Nickel - 5/32" (3.8mm)     
Tails/Legs: UNI Flexx - Purple     
Body: Chenille - Medium - Black     
Rib: Vinyl Rib - Black - Medium     
Veil: Ice Dub - UV Black     
Thorax: Ice Dub - UV Dun     
Hot Spot: Ice Dub - UV Cinnamon     
Hackle: Coq De Leon Hen Saddle - Speckled Lavender     

Other tools from the tutorial:
Tiemco TMC Adjustable Double-Arm Bobbin     
Loon Razor Scissors - 4"     
Loon Water Based Head Cement System     

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2017 Savery Creek Hosted Trip

June 29th to July 2nd 2017

Savery Rainbow taken on a big hopper
We're excited to announce our Savery Creek hosted trip for 2017. From June 29th to July 2nd, we'll be packing our gear and heading to a legendary remote stream in the wilds of south central Wyoming where we'll hang with you for a few days throwing big dry flies and streamers to hungry trophy-sized Rainbow trout. It's truly difficult to describe how awesome this place is to those who haven't experienced it. Suffice it to say, it's an incredible opportunity to catch huge fish on big nasty flies. This hosted trip is one of the highlights of the year for us!

Here's how it will go: You'll travel to Wyoming and meet up with someone Thursday to accompany you to the lodge. Thursday evening, we'll enjoy some home-cooked food and discuss the fishing plans for the next day. You can then enjoy an evening of relaxation watching a variety of wildlife from the balcony or tie flies with Cheech and Curtis. You'll then spend two full days of fishing with us. We normally fish big dry flies and streamers but nymphing can also be effective as well. Our goal is to get you into a fish of a lifetime.
The lodge at Savery Creek
During your stay, you will enjoy incredible fishing, delectable food, great company and a wilderness experience that rivals anything in the world. We recommend booking your spot early in order to ensure you of a spot.

Here are the details:
  • We have room for 6 to 8 anglers. First come, first served and spots will fill up fast. We can accommodate non-anglers but please let us know in advance so we can arrange for that.
  • The cost will be $1400 per angler for three nights lodging, two days fishing (with guides), food, fly tying materials and flies (if you don't want to tie or want to save the ones you tie).
  • We usually tie flies in the evening, but the fly tying part is totally optional. If you want to get one-on-one instruction from Cheech on how to tie his Project Hopper, it can't hurt.
  • We advise bringing your own rod, but if you don't have a suitable one, let us know and we can make arrangements. We suggest a 5 or 6 weight. You could get away with a 4 weight, but a 23 inch 6 lb fish full of fight will appreciate a beefier rod. 3X or 4X tippet is great.
  • 50% deposit will hold your reservation. Email me: to snag a spot.
  • Contact us for travel suggestions, but you can fly into Hayden, Colorado; Rock Springs, Wyoming; Laramie Wyoming, or even Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • You need to plan on arriving to Savery Thursday afternoon to evening. Sunday is also a travel day, with departures Sunday morning from the lodge.

We're excited to meet some new faces and invite anyone who's been to come again!
A Savery Rainbow who fell for a juicy Cicada pattern

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mil Spec Damaged Dun

Trout Love Easy Food

If you didn't know, mayflies are like cheeseburgers.  It's a long story, but I ranted about it here (EPIC cheeseburger rant)... This is another fly from the Mil Spec series that I have been playing with to mimic a mayfly that is having a hard time growing up and incorporating itself into the adult world.  It likes to just hang in the film not knowing that there are hungry sharks seeking it out.  Yep.  I like fishing cripples.  This is kind of a takeoff of the Quigley style of cripple with the classic front-facing wing and hackle.  Anyway, it's a very simple, straightforward pattern that doesn't need a lot of explaining.  Bring on the video!

Material List

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Hook: Fulling Mill 35050 Ultimate Dry Fly Hook, Barbless - 18     
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier - Olive     
Hackle: Whiting Hebert Miner Hackle Cape - Bronze - Medium Gray Dun     
Tail: Sparkle Emerger Yarn - Olive Brown     
Wing: EP Trigger Point Int'l Fibers - Dark Dun     

Other tools from the tutorial:
Tiemco TMC Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin     
Loon Ergo All Purpose Scissors - 4"     
Marc Petitjean Whip Finisher