Dr. Slick Razor Scissors

Warning...  Extremely Sharp.

I was in the middle of throwing a whip finish on some random foam rubber leg attractor when I heard the most gut wrenching sound I had heard in a long time.  The metal "tink" of my new Dr. Slick razor scissors hitting the concrete floor.  As I lunged to inspect the damage, I was just hoping that they didn't land tip first.  Well, Murphy's law was governing that situation, my scissors were toast, and I had to finish the day with my old standby scissors. (***  The kind Doctors at Dr. Slick did surgery on my scissors and they are back on the varsity team)

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As a general rule; never mess with a fly tyer's scissors!  NO clipping fingernails, NO cutting coupons, NO knocking them off my table, and NO (to my daughter) cutting duct tape!!!

Now that I have that off my chest, I'd like to calmly review the best scissors that I have ever used for tying flies.  When Dr. Slick razor scissors first came out, I was somewhat shy about spending $25 on a pair of scissors, but just like all of the other new cool stuff, I eventually broke down and bought them.  Right off the bat I was impressed with the way they could cut so cleanly through any material.  The tips are the most important feature of these bad boys because they remain razor sharp all the way up to the tip.  They also taper down to a nice point so you can get into tight areas and make clean cuts (read - trimming the wingcase behind the bead on a flash back nymph).  Also, for cutting thicker materials, you might need a bit more tension between the blades.  They come with a tension knob so you can adjust them to fit your tying style.  They also feature wide loops for fat fingered tyers like Curtis, and smooth blades instead of the popular serrated blades that most scissors have these days.

Dr. Slick
These scissors excel in cutting most materials especially synthetic fibers, and other difficult-to-deal-with items like medallion sheeting.  I use medallion sheeting as a true test of how sharp a scissor truly is.  Sharp = clean cuts without mangling the sheeting.


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Dr. Slick

Best scissors for tying.  HANDS DOWN.
More expensive than most scissors, but worth it.
Great all around tying scissors.  Like any good scissor, don’t cut wire with these…