Midges are awesome

So about this time every year, I wuss out and decide I'd rather stock my fly boxes than get out on the rivers. Plus, I'm usually flush with new material samples from various vendors, duck hunters and deer hunters and it only makes sense to stick my butt in a chair and tie like there's no tomorrow.

I usually work my way through the various fly boxes, starting with the flies I'll need the soonest. Midges are usually first on the list. It's always good to have a bunch of midges, including bigger chironomid patterns to fill the larva, pupa, emerger and adult phases. They don't have to be fancy and simpler is usually better -- although I'm known for throwing together flies that look better than they might fish :)

Anyway, here are a few that are always on the list, and ones that I'd recommend you have in your boxes:

  • The Foamerger: Arguably my most effective overall midge pattern. As stupid simple as this fly is, there is no doubt it can catch fish somethin' fierce.
  • Biot Midges: I seem to find these little guys effective as a dropper from a bigger fly or just fished under a smallish indicator a foot or two beneath the surface as the hatch gets going. Plus, they will always catch fish on a traditional nymph rig as well.
  • Orange Asher: For whatever crazy reason, I'll usually find fish -- even during a huge midge hatch -- that will go out of their way to slam this pattern. I'm guessing they take it for a cluster or something, but it's legit. It's a great midge searching pattern or it can be used as a dry fly for a smallish dropper or emerger. Also, you can purchase Ashers in our web fly shop.

And here are a few assorted patterns to fill in the blanks...
Micro-midge adult (#30)

The Famous "Yong's Special" (#26)

Biot Para-midge (#24)