The Micro Nymph

Small, bright and delicious!

I've been using this pattern now for a couple of years and it's been an incredible pattern. I saw this fly a couple of years ago on a blog that talked about the French national fly fishing team.  They seemed to do very well with it as a nymph for Grayling.  Obviously, a trout will also be interested in a nice little nymph such as this as well.  As is the case with a lot of Czech and French style nymph patterns, the micro nymph has a distinct "hot spot" that acts as a trigger color on the fly.  You can, of course, mix and max colors on the herl and the head.  Pinks and greens work well on the head while the body can be natural peacock herl or any of the colored variations such as green, orange, red and purple.  If you want the fly to sink a bit faster, try this same style with a bead head or even swap out the herl for some fine colored wire.

Hook:  TMC 100 #18 - #20
Thread:  UTC Ultra thread 70 Denier Black
Tail:  Coq de Leon hackle fibers
Body:  Stripped Peacock herl
Head:  Orange Uni-stretch
Coating:  Clear Cure Goo

Tying Instructions:

  • Attach the thread and work back to the bend of the hook.  Tie in the Coq de Leon for a tail and then attach the stripped peacock herl.  NOTE: Peacock herl can easily be stripped by simply laying it on a flat surface and rubbing a pencil eraser along the length to remove the herl fibers.  With the stripped herl, wrap forward to form a uniformly tapered body.  Tie off and whip finish the thread at the thorax.  Next attach the uni-stretch, apply a wrap or two and then whip finish.  To complete the fly, apply a coat of Clear Cure Goo Hydro.
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