Your Mom can't even sink this...

Unsinkabeetle fish caught by FFF customer Joe C.
So I was working alone in my hometown Vernal, UT for several weeks, and like always, I had my tying stuff with me so I didn't have to watch the Gilmore Girls with my Mom...  I had foam on the mind, and I really wanted to tie something that had superior floating ability for swift water and had the bouyancy to hang Rosie Rainy's,  so I wanted to see what it could do with it.  Foam was wrapped upon foam, and a similar bug to the Unsinkabeetle popped out.  It immediately went into a bowl of water and my mom and I pushed it to the bottom of the bowl every time we went by.  It lasted 3 weeks in the bowl and we finally gave up.  It was deemed the "Unsinkabeetle" because of its foam construction and its Molly Brown characteristics.   I tie it in a variety of sizes and colors, and it has been distributed to better anglers than I to verify that it has the ability to fool pea brained trout.  It does just that.
O'Donnell sized nymphs from.  Now, not all foam is created equally, and I had just gotten a supply of Evazote and crosslink foam from

This is a great attractor pattern that can be adjusted in size to mimic all types of beetles and cicadas.  I have had the most success with this pattern in mid to late summer when the terrestrials start showing up.

If you like to tie, the video tutorial is posted at the bottom of this post.  If you like to buy, you can go HERE to buy the Unsinkabeetle.


Recipe: (and feel free to swap out for black foam, thread etc for a killer Cicada pattern)

Hook: Allen D202  or the Daiichi 1280
Thread: UTC 140 denier (I used red on this one) -- Buy Here --
Underbody: Insect brown 1mm Rainy's crosslink foam -- Buy Here --
Overbody: Camel Rainy's Evazote foam 1/8 size, or 2 to 3mm craft foam -- Buy Here --
Head: Same foam as overbody