Flies for Froggin'

A little Toad-on-Toad action

STP Frog® from River Road Creations
 Bass on topwater: one of the craziest takes you can imagine. After a good topwater day, I'll have line burns on my fingers and a pretty sore arm. And frogs are one of my favorites to throw.

largemouth bass on frog popper

Frogs are fun to tie up and there are a lot of different styles you can choose from. Here are just a few...

Rainy's frog body, tube style

With the Rainy's body frogs, I usually spray them with the airbrush and coat them with some Clear Cure Goo. They have a great shape and the foam isn't too heavy to throw with a decently powered fly rod. I tied them with regular hooks or on tubes.

Tube body, weedless on regular bass hook

Weedless Frog Failure
Here is a proto-type one-timer pattern I worked up a few years ago. Threw it a few times and had a hard time getting it to land right. Chalk it up to experience, but it looks cool and keeps me company at the vise when my dog isn't.

The STP® Frog is also one of my favorite frog patterns to throw. They're lightweight and have a good profile on the water. They also carry a good "splat" factor as they hit the water.

STP Frog® from River Road Creations

And here's a video on how to tie it up: