La Ranita "Little Frog" Popper

The Ultimate Simple Frog Pattern

Continuing on with the theme of the year of the bluegill (#theyearofthebluegill), this is a small frog style pattern that is fun to tie and throw at the 'gills.  This is a very simple version of a bluegill popper that can be tied without a fancy popper head.  This can be tied in all different color combinations, and is effective for anything that eats miniature frogs!

Material List

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Hook: Daiichi 1560 - Traditional Nymph Hook - 10     
Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - 70 Denier - Olive     
Tail: EP Fibers - Olive     
Body: Bruiser Blend Junior Dubbing - Brown Olive     
Wings: Solid and Krystal Tinsel Chenille - Olive     
Legs: Rainy's Evazote Foam - Olive - 1/8"     
Head: Silicon Streamer Legs - Olive Gold     
TBD: Bruiser Blend Junior Dubbing - Dirty Chartreuse     

Other tools from the tutorial: