Real. Easy. Hopper.

An easy one that doesn't suck

grasshopper fly pattern tutorial foam attractor

A few years ago, I started messing around with some pre-cut hopper bodies from Wrightway sports. I liked the idea of pre-cut bodies because they already had some of the natural shape and I didn't have to spend time trimming the foam to size. For whatever reason, I tied up almost a full box full of these hoppers and they served me well for several seasons, catching many a trout. Anyway, if you can get your hands on some of these bodies, they're easy to tie. I have gotten comments as to the durability and my main advice there is to make sure you use super glue and/or at least cut a slit on the underside of the foam body to add some grip to the situation. You'll also find this pattern come up on Youtube as it's one of the most popular hopper patterns on there, so enjoy!!

Hook: TMC 5263 #10 (although I now use the Mustad C49 S for most of my hopper patterns)
Thread: UTC GSP 100 Olive
Body: Pre-Cut Bug Body (Wrightway or Rainy's)
Legs: Silicon skirt material
Wing: Swiss Straw (tan or brown)
Wing Case (Pronotum): 2mm foam cut to shape
Indicator (optional): Poly yarn

And the video...