Fripple 2.0

A Mayfly imitation worth a look

The story of the Fripple goes back a number of years to a lazy day on the bank of the river watching the blue winged olives hatch. I noticed that the fish were not keying on the high-floating soon-to-fly-away able bodied adults, but rather on the bugs that we still struggling to leave the surface of the water.

This drove me to the vise and, after a few iterations over the following days, I decided on a spent-wing style imitation. The Fripple has provided me some great fishing over the years in all sizes and colors to cover anything from a drake to a PMD. 

Fast forward a few years and Fripple 2.0 is the mayfly focus these days for me. Coupled with my Aero-baetis, I've got two new solid confidence flies for hitting any mayfly hatch.

Here's a fella that, along with a bunch of his friends this day, slammed the fly all afternoon...

brown trout fripple baetis bwo fly pattern blue winged olive
Brown trout on the Fripple 2.0

Material List

Hook: Daiichi 1160, #14-#18 (+)
Thread: Danville 70 Denier, Olive (+)
Thread 2: Danville 70 Denier, Fl. Orange (+)
Body: Thread
Ribbing: Dyed Pearl Flashabou, Olive (+)
Thorax: Hare'e Ice Dub, Olive Brown (+)
Under-Wing: CDC, Brown Olive (+)
Wing-Post: Snowshoe hare toe fur, Gray Dun (+)
Wing: Medallion Sheeting, Buggy Light Dun (+)

Note: The video shows a slightly older variation. We no longer use the scud back and wire on the body as it tended to not float as well over time. We also swapped out the use of foam for CDC. Use the above recipe with the same techniques shown in the video.