Peak Hair Stackers

I am a sucker for tying tools, and I have about everything I will need to tie flies for the next several centuries. This didn't make me any less excited when my Peak hair stackers came.  I like to work with deer hair and buck tail a lot, and without a good set of stackers this can be a very frustrating task.  I began immediately by tying a big ol' meaty bullethead, because it would be a good pass/fail test for the magnum stacker.  It performed brilliantly, and what impressed me the most, was the design of the stacker that allowed me to extract the hair without having to pull it out as far as a traditional stacker.  As you can see in the picture, you don't have to pull a sleeve out of the body of the stacker; you simply pull off the bottom, making it easier to keep the tips aligned.  In addition to the innovative functional design, they are shaped in hexagons so they don't roll off the desk while tying.  All of the above is all good, but one feature of this stacker truly makes it stand out above the rest - it is static free.  Static is the one thing that can make a hair stacker almost un-useable, and peak eliminated static by leaving the raw aluminum finish (which I think looks cool too).  The test of a regular sized stacker was a comparadun, so I pulled out my prized patch of Texas whitetail and got to work.  This is where static kills the effectiveness of a stacker.  The Peak really performed well, and I even rotated the stacker all around trying to get the hair to stick to the sides - it didn't.  Out came the hair with even tips - conclusion reached - the stacker is wicked awesome.  Yes, a hair stacker can be a very simple tool, but Peak really knocked it out of the park with these.  These babies will probably find a spot on my varsity team on the desk.


FlyFishFood  Review
Hair Stackers

Pure aluminum.  These will last a lifetime.
Magnum is $45, Regular is ~$14.  Sometimes you have to pay for the best.
The magnum is in a league of it's own.  The regular stacker is great, but in the league of other top of the line stackers.