Bling out your Chernobyl Ant

A glitzy variation on a great pattern

Chernobyl Ant variation dry fly attractor pattern

A few weeks ago, we participated in a great cause tying flies for "Reel Recovery" for some of their events locally here in Utah. I wanted to tie up some good attractor patterns but something that might be a little different. As you've seen here on our site, I like to hit the craft stores quite a bit. In a trip earlier this year, I found some awesome 2mm craft foam that was coated with shiny glitter.

 I knew that had to be incorporated into a fly pattern. From there the "Blingnobyl Ant" was born.

Anyway, I tied up a bunch for the Reel Recovery in a variety of flavors and sizes, so I decided a tutorial was in order. Note in the picture below, I use the River Road Creations Chernobyl Cutters. Because the glitter sheet is 2mm, I usually glue another non-glitter sheet to the glitter one before I cut. It's a fun pattern to tie.

Chernobyl Ant variation dry fly attractor pattern

Material List

BodyGlitter Craft Foam (Pink 2mm) glued to 2mm Fly Tying Foam, Cut to shape

Video tutorial: