Pike's Puke

A toothy predator fly

A few years ago, I was working on a fly for meatier fish that would both push a lot of water as well as offer good movement in the water. Articulation is a no-brainer, but I wanted to get the head to act differently than the normal spun hair, brushed out dubbing or EP style stuff out there. While I originally went down the tube fly route (look for the Deflectinator in a future post), I came up with this version here.

First concern was the head made of foam, would it stand up to some sharp teeth and thrashing movements. The answer is "mostly". Coated with something solid like Clear Cure Goo both under and over the head, makes it pretty bomb-proof. The foam also gives the head a different style of movement than the tail section so it creates a bigger wiggle as it is pulled through the water.

Another bonus is you can tie the tail sections in various colors for "hot swappable" sections.

Anyway, sorta unorthodox, but it's a performer. Be looking for Pike's Puke 2.0 here in the coming weeks.

Main Hook:  Gamakatsu B10S #1/0
Stinger Hook:  Gamakatsu B10S #4
Thread:  Orange UTC Gel Spun Thread (GSP) 100 denier.
Underbody (main hook only):  .30 lead free wire
Body:  Dyed UV Polar Chenille in Olive Brown twisted with Swisher's Wiggly Hackle in Brown/Olive.  Pine squirrel crawdad orange & Strung Guinea in red (optional)
Overwing:  Dark brown zonked rabbit strip.
Head: 2mm white foam cut to shape, painted and epoxied.
Legs:  Silicone fishing skirt in brown, orange, red combo
Articulation connector:  19 strand Beadalon w/ #16 swivel and two red beads.


Enjoy! ~ Curtis