The Gut-Bomb Revisited

This blood worm gets traction

Rainbow trout gut-bomb bloodworm

Back in January, we posted about a new pattern that we'd been messing with. Between that post and the video we did for the pattern, the response from our readers has been quite surprising. We had feedback from some fly shops where there was a run on the materials for the pattern to the point where they were running out. We had a number of emails and messages from people that had been fishing the pattern this spring and had had excellent results. (**Update: You can now buy these from our online shop**)

gut-bomb bloodworm

Needless to say, it's been a fun pattern to tie and to fish with and we've found it to be very effective. Just this past weekend, proved the point again with some fat rainbows that found it difficult to resist. As it turned out, the bigger fish of the day fell for the Gut-Bomb.

Large rainbow on a gut-bomb bloodworm
Curtis Fry and a Gut-Bomb eating fish

Fish it however you like to fish your chironomids, but a floating line with an indicator is a pretty good way to go. Suspend the fly closer to the bottom or weedbeds where the naturals would hang out. Throw in some slow twitches to impart a little action here and there.  Enjoy!!

gut-bomb bloodworm takes a large rainbow

If you want to see the original post and tutorial, click here.

(**Update: You can now buy these from our online shop**)