AZ Frenchie

Effective and simple

This pattern was developed with simplicity and max effectiveness in mind for tournament fishing.  The idea is that it needs to catch fish, but if you break it off, it's not a huge deal because they are so simple to tie.  Euro nymphing taught us westerners a lot about "hot-spots" and the dubbing can be changed to any color combo you want.  With today's variety of dyed pheasant tail fibers, this fly can be tied in a huge variety of colors.  

~ Cheech

Darker fibers and an Allen N203BL

Hook:  I like a curved shank hook but it can be tied on about any hook, and because this is a tournament fly, I typically tie it barbless.  Some of my favorites are the TMC 2499SPBL, the Allen N203BL, and the Umpqua C300BL.  
Thread: I used a dark thread on these flies, but you can use a bright color and make a pronounced hot-spot with the whip finish.  I prefer UTC 70.
Body: Pheasant tail fibers.  Both of these flies were tied with "natural" PT fibers, but you can see the difference in color.  Some are darker than others, and you can really get creative with dyed PT fibers.
Ribbing: UTC wire (x-sm).  Any color you want.  I really like chartreuse, red, and copper.
Thorax: Arizona simi seal dubbing.  This is where this fly takes shape because there are so many options...
Wing case: Nothing because there isn't one! YAHTZEE!

Lighter PT fibers and a TMC 2499SPBL