Frisky Damsels

The Double "D", Mating Damsel

mating damsel fly rainbow trout dryfly dry

If you've ever fished during a damsel hatch, you've likely seen the aggressive nature of the fish pursuing the insects. If you've never witnessed this, it's high time you head out to most any stillwater and see what's up. Most often, especially on higher elevation lakes, you'll not only see the fish hunting down the emerging damsels, but you're very likely to see them slashing, slurping and propelling themselves out of the water to snag a tasty adult damsel. Even better, they seem to key in on the mating damsels as they can get the 2-for-1 lunch special. This pattern is a great one because it floats well, but still keeps to the slender profile of the natural insects. I like to fish it with a damsel nymph dropper for some added insurance, especially before the fish start to really key in on the adults.

mating damsel fly pattern

I will say that the fly tends to get torn up after a few fish, but I'm cool with that considering the downright demonic takes that the fish will often exhibit. So tie up a few extra and plan on some vicious hits!

Hook:  TMC 101 #10
Thread:  UTC Ultra thread 70 Denier Black
Body:  Rainy's 3/64" Damsel Foam
Wing:  River Foam®  Wing Material, Clear Speckled
Hackle:  Grizzly
Eyes:  Rainy's 1/8" Damsel Foam

And here's the video tutorial to boot...