Rainy's Foam Popper Bodies

Fast and Furious Topwater

The first poppers I tried were small fragile cork plugs from the craft store. They had to be shaped, sanded, filled, painted and coated -- only to fall apart after a few casts due to poor quality cork. A number of years later, I came across some hard foam poppers and gave them a try. Much improved, but I didn't like the way they took paint and I still had to sand them down to get a smooth finish.

Enter Rainy's foam popper bodies. The first time I tried these softer foam bodies, I was sold. They came in a large variety of shapes and sizes, from the standard popper bodies up to frog shaped poppers. 

Not only do you have a large variety of shapes and sizes, but you can also get them in a number of colors if you're not interested in painting the white bodies. I, however, go a little overboard on the painting thing. I know, I know, the fish don't give a damn. But I do and so I'll paint 'em up to look all purdy.

Here are a few examples of some I've done over the years... 

And here's a video on how to go about painting and mounting the popper bodies...