Simplicity for Toothy Critters

quick tie for a quick bite.

Several years back, good friend Brent Stout decided to take the "all species on the fly" challenge in Utah and became fairly obsessed with chasing Tiger Musky (who wouldn't).  While a lot of the musky flies we see look like feather boas on a fashion runway, Brent's flies were always meant to be as simple and effective as possible.  At first glance, this fly doesn't seem like much, but when you let this much unrestrained rabbit loose in the water it darts and dances in ways that might not seem possible.  My first pike on the fly came on one of these simple flies - after being stubborn and throwing my feather boas for hours before switching.

By the way, despite having terrible personal hygiene, and a propensity to scream out profanities in public, Brent completed his challenge, and now lives his days happily sitting at the bow of a boat fishing for bass.

Brent's Musky Slayer all fancied up for a Cheech flybox

This fly isn't the exact fly that Brent fishes, but the concept is close.  His consists of two rabbit strips (not glued together) and eyes.

~ Cheech

Hook: Lazer Trokar Extreme Live Bait HD 3/0 (HD doesn't stand for 1080p...  It means heavy duty.  The weight of this hook helps the action of the fly.)  This hook is critical to the fly because the thick gauge would be hard to set if it weren't for the samurai point on it.
Thread: Stuff that looks good and won't break.
Eyes: Clear Cure Dumbbell eyes - lava 6mm
Tail: Olive black barred rabbit
Under tail: Chartreuse yellow marabou
Under Under tail: Hareline Ice Dub Minnow Back Shimmer Fringe - chartreuse / peacock
Stuff betwixt the eyes: Dubbing or micro chenille to fill the gap, then coated with Clear Cure Goo Hydro