Streamer Love

Small Stream Aggression

If you read the posts on the website here and on our other media spots, you'll see we post up a few streamers now and again. So Saturday, we had the chance to get out and do some field testing on a few new streamers as well as some old standby's like the Cheech Leech.

And while we normally equate big streamers with big fish, it's also important to note that even small stream fish can have a very big-fish attitude in the way they attack and devour streamer patterns. Check out this small guy that busted a larger "El Sculpito" pattern

Moral of the story...don't think small fish in small streams (or their larger friends) won't take to bigger streamer patterns. Plus, the small stream can give you more visual action to help you hone your meat-chucking ninja skills!

And here's a quick video to show what we're talking about...