The Holo-Buzzer: Chironomid fishing at its best

A great fly with a great technique

Rainbow trout on a chironomid buzzer fly pattern

I wrote a few months back about a style of chironomid pattern that I've been grooving on a LOT lately. I'm back to report that the "Holo-Buzzer" style of fly has been producing some very nice fish for us as well as a few friends that have added it to their arsenals. 

rainbow trout on chironomid buzzer fly pattern

The great thing about the pattern, beyond the fact that it's bomb-proof with its Clear Cure Goo coating, is that the color schemes are endless in order to match the colors of the bugs you're imitating. 

chironomid fly patterns buzzers

The variation below substitutes some bright orange goose biots for the orange holographic tinsel as shown in the video tutorial. You can also tie it both with and without a bead.

chironomid buzzer fly pattern

The most effective way we've found to fish this pattern is on a slip indicator rig and varying the depth to reach where the fish are holding. The slip indicator will break free as you're fighting a fish, making it possible for you to fish very long leaders and still be able to reel right up to the fish and land him.

***Here's a short video on the slip indicator in case you've never seen it

Again, if you missed the original post, here you go. The video tutorial is also shown here...