Ninja Pupa

This fly will sneak up behind you and break your arm.

This jungle fish fell victim to the Ninja Pupa

I had been on a caddis fishing kick one summer, and I wanted to some up with something that would fish great and that I could easily change colors to match the many varieties of caddis that hatch.  I don't even know how this fly came to be, but it just popped out one night on the vise.  All I know is that the fish eat it so I stopped messing with it too much.  The original version used several coats of head cement to give it the glossy effect, but now that Clear Cure Goo has blessed us all with Hydro, this fly is a lot faster to tie.  Other popular colors are amber and cinnamon.  The olive and amber bug are available through Rainy's flies.

Dead drift it, swing it, fish it on lakes under an indicator...  This is a pretty versatile bug.

~ Cheech

Ninja Pupa


Hook: Mustad C49S #14
Thread: UTC 70 white
Bead: 2.3mm tungsten
Body 1: .015 lead
Body 2: Uni Stretch - white*
Flash: UTC holographic tinsel - chartreuse
Wing Pads: Medallion sheeting - dun
Antannae: Lemon wood duck
Collar: Arizona synthetic dubbing - hare's ear

*Body is colored with chartreuse, olive, and black sharpies.

The video...