The Bearded Lady has left the circus

How big is too big?

What respectable fish wouldn't appreciate the eyelashes?

I won't bore you all by writing too much about how much I love to chase bass with baitcasters and huge offerings, but I do...  I was once fishing a lake that has a really good population of 2 to 4 pound largemouth and ducks...  yes - baby ducks.  I was flippin' a jig under some trees and hooked a nice 3 pound fish, and when I was taking the jig out of it's mouth, I saw two little duck feet hanging out.  HOW could this fish justify eating a 1/2 oz. brush jig if it had a gut full of baby duck.  I couldn't help but quote the movie Step Brothers... "I got a belly full of baby duck, and now you lay this SH#$ on me?"

Also, in the traditional gear world, HUGE swimbaits are all the rage right now, and anglers are throwing 7 to 12 inch lures at normal sized bass.  What this means for fly anglers???  There is no such thing as too big.

The bearded lady is pretty big compared to some bass flies, average sized for musky, but I think I'll mostly target bass with it due to my tendency to chase them for the majority of the year.  The heavy hook makes it ride nice and low in the water, and the synthetic yak moves great in the water without absorbing water and making it a bear to cast.  In regards to casting, a straight 4' section of 20# monofilament will make it turn over with minimal twist.  No, the bass don't care about the big leader (I typically throw topwater stuff with #50 braid).

And to sweeten the pot to help you tie this pattern (and others on the site), Lazer Trokar has stepped up to provide us a crazy good discount on their super-duper-sharp hooks. Go to the Trokar website and enter "FLYFISHFOOD" as the coupon code at checkout for 40% off!!


Hook: Lazer Trokar TK10 #4/0
Thread: UTC GSP 100 denier 
Tail: Cascade Crest synthetic yak, and holo-blend
Body: 2-3mm craft foam 
Legs: Do-it molds bass skirt material
Underbody: Cascade Crest mirror wrap, Spirit River UV2 bucktail
Beard: Senyo lazer dub
Eyes: Clear Cure Eyes

VERY IMPORTANT****  This fly will only work if you put lipstick and eyelashes on it.

AND...  the video tutorial