FlyFishFood Virtual Swaps

show us what you're working with.

Big Terrestrials

We have been kicking this idea around for a while, but we would like to start a virtual fly swap that is hashtag based. This is a great opportunity to see what everyone else is tying, and it may challenge you to tie with materials you have not tried before. We swap pictures and information only. NO MAILING!!! (I always hated that part)

Here's how it works:
1- Flyfishfood will announce the theme for the swap and announce the hashtag to use. (for example ‪#‎fffterrestrialswap‬). This may happen once a week, once every two weeks etc... We'll just have to see how it goes.

2- You tie flies that fit the theme and post pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the proper hashtag. (you can add recipes if you want, but this is meant to be as simple as possible.) I think Instagram is going to be the main driver of the swaps.  
You can add as many pictures as you want!

3- We comment, get inspired, and enjoy the pictures.

Down the road it might turn into something where there are winners etc, but for now it's just about sharing patterns and having fun.

Ready set go!