The UM-Butt Sally: A Yellow Sally Fly Pattern

A Yellow Sally Pattern that fits the bill

yellow sally stonefly pattern dry flyI've fished through Yellow Sally stonefly (Isoperla Fulva) hatches before without so much as a trout looking up to eat one, so when I find fish actively targeting this squirrelly little bug, it's a lot of fun.

This pattern is the result of some on-the-stream bug watching and pouring over pictures of the naturals I could find online.

One thing I definitely noticed while watching these little critters on the water is that they usually don't land all nice and composed with their wings laying nicely back against their bodies. Instead, they can be a jumbled mess of wings and writhing body just yelling at a fish to lay into them.

With that in mind, I ended up splaying the wings and making the legs a bit pronounced to give a bigger impression on the water. It also helps in flotation.

yellow sally stonefly cutthroat trout dry fly
This Cutthroat took the UM-Butt Sally from an undercut bank
The first couple of times out, the pattern did very well. It floats a little lower in the water, but still has great buoyancy. And it fooled some good fish...

Here's the recipe and tutorial to tie some up!

Hook: Allen D103BL #14
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier, Yellow
Eyes: 25 lb mono, melted.
Butt: Fl. Orange UV Ice Dubbing
Body: Pale Yellow UV Ice Dubbing
Under-Wing: Deer Hair, Yellow
Over-Wing: River Road Creations, River Foam® cut with small Stonefly Wing Cutter
Legs: Round Rubber, Small. Colored with Sharpies