Hook Review: Allen D102BL

Sharp, Sexy and Functional

I don't very often design a fly around a specific hook, but when I got my first shipment of Allen D102BL hooks a few months back, there were several flies that screamed to be built on this puppy.

Elk Hair Caddis tied on the Allen D102BL
First off, I'm a fan of wide gap hooks. I think they give you a little more leeway in designing the pattern (room to move and adjust) and as long as your proportions are right, the flies tied on hooks like this should look great and will hook fish like no other.

From a functional standpoint, the hook is barbless but the slightly exaggerated upturn of the hook point provides a possible additional "grab" for those of you worried about coming un-buttoned on a fish.

The price is the next grabber on these hooks. A very reasonable price combined with the quality, makes for a very attractive option. I've purchased hooks from other manufacturers at similar low prices, only to find the hook quality and consistency severely lacking. The D102BL has been very consistent with no closed or open eyes and consistent hook strength.

Drake Soft Hackle tied on the Allen D102BL

So in summary, we give this hook 42 stars with a four-leaf clover and 10 bonus points.

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Fox Poopah on the Allen D102BL