Lazer Trokar Hooks

Look outside the box for the ultimate big game hook

Several years ago I fell head over heels in love with fishing for bass with gear.  Yep, baitcasters, 50 pound braid, and BIG hooks.  I have always been somewhat of a hook snob, but never so much as when I was bass fishing.  Not only did I need a very stout hook, the point had to be razor sharp, and able to hook fish with ease.  Most of the hooks that I used were chemically sharpened, and I really was happy with the selection that I could get from Gamakatsu, Mustad, and Owner.  Then, my friends, I laid my eyes on a new hook called a Lazer Trokar.  My fishing buddy Brent and I both bought a pack to try and the results were phenomenal.  These hooks turned missed fish into landed fish due to their powerful hooking ability and brute strength.  Brent actually fished the majority of a summer with one single hook.  It was as sharp at the end of the summer as it was when he first tied it on.

Bass fly on Lazer Trokar

Bass on Trokar fly
Like many things in the gear fishing world, these hooks would definitely find a place in my fly-tying arsenal.  I first tried out the TK10 in 4/0 to tie something along the lines of bass/musky.  What I loved about this hook was that it is a very heavy wire hook that helped the fly suspend in the water without having it sink too fast or too slow.  Bass are notorious for short striking, and typically a hard hook set is needed, but with this fly, every bass that ate it got to meet me face to face.  Since then, I have tied flies on several different trokar models, and they are now my go-to hook for tying meaty creations for bass, musky, or big browns.  
Another Bass on the Trokar