Review: Grizzly Coolers

A Rugged and effective cooler

So, for the past few years, our trips have been more and more camping or overnight style trips and it's always a crap shoot when it comes to coolers. Some keep the cold stuff cold, others not so well. Some bust open at the drop of a hat, while others have a good lid. I've never tried destroying a cooler, so I can't say which ones are the most solidly built, but I guess some sort of durability is also a good thing. In the end, we ended up pulling the trigger on a Grizzly cooler, as we'd seen them out and about lately.

The first two trips were pretty tame and it just sat in the car most of the time. It did very well at keeping the contents ice cold. Then, we took it out on the Razr for some rough road riding to some high mountain lakes and the lunch and drinks were as cool as the other side of the pillow (assuming your pillow is in the fridge). It got banged around, knocked over, sat on, stood on and fared very well all the while keeping the stuff at cool temps.

The cooler shown above is the smaller size and so we're definitely going to be upgrading to the bigger size here soon for some longer multi-day trips. Great product! Check them out online...