REVIEW: River Road Creations Cutters

Foam cutting goodness

Tomsu hopper pattern river road creations foam
Tomsu Supreme Hopper cutters on this hopper pattern
A few years ago, I picked up a set of River Road Creations foam cutters. My first cutters were the Tomsu Supreme Hopper set. I was impressed by the sharp edges and the clean foam cut-outs that I could turn out. Plus, being able to turn my plain old foam sheets into a much wider variety of standard shapes and sizes was a great way to work through all the drawers of foam I had collected over the years.

So the cutters come in a variety of styles or shapes and sizes (within a given style). Check out their website to get a good idea of what they carry:

One of the questions I get is "which cutter or set should I start with?". Of course, it depends on what you're going to be tying, but assuming you want to start with something that can tie a variety of flies for bigger dries and hoppers etc, you can't go wrong with the "Hopper/Caddis/Ant" body cutters.

You can do the type of patterns listed in the name, but you can also do the Stoneflopper, Chernobyls or "Blingnobyls" as we prefer them (see inset) as well as other foam dry patterns. The Chernobyl cutters and the Universal Bug Body cutters are also good for this type of purpose

blingnobyl ant
The Blingnobyl Ant
If you can swing it, I'm a big fan of the sets. They come with a nice wooden holder and a cutting pad (very important to have the pad)

And you can churn out all sizes in great quantities...

A Pile of Blings
And one of the other benefits, besides just cutting bodies is that you can get into all sorts of wing shapes with the wing cutters. As shown below, you can see the combination of wing and body parts all cut to the needed shape and size.

The "Sickada" tied using cut foam
Mayfly Body and Wing Cutters

Stonefly Body and Wing Cutters

All in all, the cutters are well worth the money and give you an easy, quick and accurate way to cut out bodies and wings for various patterns you want to tie. We can get the cutters ordered if you wish to purchase them online. We don't carry them in stock, however, so it would take up to a week for delivery. Email us for details.