The Allen Icon and a new bug

Two new pieces of equipment to try out

For the past year or so, I've been getting into the Euro or Czech style of nymphing and decided to pull the trigger on a legit Euro nymphing rod. I settled on a 10 foot 4 wt and started the search for a candidate. I fished the Sage ESN, an Allen xa 10 footer and threw a Cabela's CZN. I was pretty much settled on the Sage until I heard some really good things about the Allen Icon series rods. With the price-point what it was, I went with the Icon figuring even if it didn't compare to the others, it would still be a good deal.

The week my new rod arrived I had also gotten a new shipment of Trokar hooks including the new "Re-Volve" (TK220) series hook that was going to be used with a newish worm style pattern I wanted to throw as an anchor fly. I like this hook because it's got a great wormy shape, it's sharp as hell (no, wait...sharper).

Here's the finished fly:

Similar to a Vladi Worm, the "Re-Vladi" uses a super-sharp Lazer Trokar Hook

If you're opposed to throwing worms, navigate away now. Otherwise, read on. If you're familiar with Euro nymphing in general, the flies hold the weight (as opposed to split shot). So the fly needed some heavy weight but minimal bulk so it would sink quickly. Granted fish eat worms, but this is also a style fly that sinks fast and can be heavily weighted.

Several take-away's: First, the Icon far exceeded my expectations. Comparatively speaking, it was just as much fun to fish with and matched my casting style (fast) as much as any other rod I had tried. If you have tried the Euro style nymphing, you know that a responsive rod is a great advantage. I was seriously blown away by the action on this stick.

Second, and it's maybe a combination of the rod and hook or my super-fishing prowess, but if you've never fished these Trokar's, you're missing out. They are super sharp and I was hooking fish with the slightest of hits. Even on a day when the fishing was arguably slow (just ask Cheech), I ended up with a decent fish count. 

Anyway, here's the recipe:

Hook: Lazer Trokar Re-Volve #4
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier, Fl. Orange
Under-Body: .030 Lead-Free Wire
Body: Orange or Red UV Chewee Skin
Ribbing: Pearl Krystal Flash

And the Video Tutorial: