Halloween Bugger Leech

Get your spook on!

This is an oldie but a goodie. One of our favorite fall leech or bugger fly patterns. Nothing fancy, but it's a great pattern. I apologize for the old style picture and video on the fly, but you get the idea. It's more of a style that can combine the leechiness of a leech and the bugginess of a bugger. Make sure you have a good dubbing brush.

Cheech sporting the Halloween style buff on a fall Rainbow
Hook:  TMC 5263 #6 - #12
Thread:  UTC GSP 100 Denier Orange
Tail:  Rust/Orange Arctic Fox w/ orange Krystal Flash
Body:  Alternating black and orange dubbing in a dubbing loop. Mega-Simi Seal would be great for this.
Hackle:  Orange Grizzly