Jake The Snake

Simple and effective

Olive Jake the Snake

We had just arrived at the 4 foot deep beaver dam after bushwhacking through some big nasty "moose hiding" bush, and we see some great brookies at the bottom of the hole.  I knew what I was going to throw, and immediately saw a flash of red, black, and white dart toward my presentation.  Fish on! But - it wasn't the big one.  Jake took a bit more time breaking down the hole, and he saw a much larger fish hanging in the bottom.  I had forgotten that I gave Jake some "experimental" flies to try, and little did I know that he decided to tie one on.  He made quick work of the grandpa fish of the hole, and to my surprise, he held up the fly that he caught it on.  In Jake's honor, It was dubbed Jake the Snake.

mountain brook trout effective fly pattern
Brook Trout Love the Snake!

I tied these originally for czech nymphing to fish in tandem with a much heavier anchor fly because there are times when I just want a lighter presentation to go along with the bigger nymphs.  This fly has no weight and is left to dance in the current a bit more than his tungsten brothers, and is also great for brookie beaver dams;).  The tail and body don't matter quite so much, but the hook and the dubbing really make this fly cool.  The dubbing is a very sparse dubbing loop of Arizona Synthetic Dub (to give the soft hackle effect), and the hook is an Allen D102BL.  Just look at the point on this thing - yep.  MEAN.  It also means that it sticks fish with minimal pressure.



Hook: Allen D102BL <--- Buy it here...
Thread: Uni 8/0
Tail: Coq de Leon
Body: Bug body wrap, or spanflex in a color to match the dub
Head: Arizona Synthetic Dub various colors

Video Tutorial