The Chimera Hunts

Fall Field Testing Update

Chimera in Black with Orange hot-spot
As we do from time to time, I'm revisiting a previous post with updated on-the-water results and photos. See the original story on the Chimera here.

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So going back to the original idea on this pattern, I wanted to be able to tie a similar pattern in a lot of different sizes and colors to imitate a lot of different bugs. The idea is similar to a general attractor pattern, but with more specific trigger mechanisms drawn from the various bugs. Yeah, pie in the sky, I know. One "magical" pattern to catch fish under all conditions.  Not. It's more of an efficiency thing for tying purposes, but  as it turns out, this little pattern really keeps impressing the hell out of us.

Fall fishing backdrop, courtesy of awesome changing colors and lots of fish.

Pretty brook trout that inhaled a Chimera
My ugly mug and a pretty brookie
Anyway, I spent a good portion of the month of October up in the hills chasing Brook Trout. On the first lake on the first day of "fall fishing" up there, I focused on the Deep Dish Callibaetis, which did fairly well. So while I did fish other patterns, by far the majority of my success was with the Chimera. As Cheech will attest, I'm not the most active fly-changer when I'm on the water. But at times, the fishing was so fast and furious, I'd cut off my trusty Chimera and slap on a different pattern just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Most of the time, however, the other patterns didn't last long as I'd need to switch back over to the Chimera to keep the same pace. Even fished side-by-side with other patterns in similar coloration, it far out-fished anything we threw. Plus, I always take it as a good sign on a pattern when Cheech finally gives in and agrees to use one of my flies when I'm out-fishing him 3 or 4 to 1. Boom Roasted!!

So yeah, it's been a fun fly to mess around with. Here's the recipe and tutorial:

Hook:  Mustad C49S #10 or better Partridge Czech Nymph  -- Buy It-- 
Thread: UTC Ultrathread, 70 Denier Black  -- Buy It --
Eyes: 50 lb Mono, Melted
Ribbing: UTC Ultrawire, Silver, SM -- Buy It --