Stream Access Threatened!

Act now!!

Whether you live in Utah or not, legislation here may very well trickle down and set precedence in other states.


SUPPORT HB37 | Protecting Public Water & Property Rights!

 In the state of Utah, it is against the law for the public to recreate (fish,
wade, etc.) in public waters that are adjacent to private property. This law
severely limits the freedom for not only the residents of Utah, but also to
any persons who come to Utah to enjoy our precious streams and
waterbeds. It's the public’s right to lawfully access and use its public waters
in place for any lawful activity, including recreation, allowing the public to
reasonably touch privately-owned beds of public waters in ways incident and
necessary to such use. This right is defined in Utah's constitution, and has
been upheld by the Utah Supreme Court several times.

Approximately 50 percent of the legislature will only know 1% of the public water law. And that is hardly enough time to ensure strong support for HB37 —but it can be done and here’s how.

You can help right now!
Contact your local Representatives:

Contact the office of Governor Gary Herbert, his chief legal counsel, and his
senior environmental advisor. Tell them to SUPPORT HB37!
+ Utah Governor's: Gary Herbert -you must now go to this link. http://
+ Legal Counsel: Jacey Skinner - 801 538-1645
+ Sr. Environmental Adviser: Alan Matheson - -
801-538-1574 |
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