Virtual Vise Sessions : Streamers

Time to get the meat ready for spring

Tie the Mongrel Meat Live with us

We'd like to thank all of you for making our first Virtual Vise session a huge success.  We are excited to announce that we will be doing the second installment of our Virtual Vise Sessions: Streamer-Palooza  This will be similar to our midge session, and we will do a short presentation on streamers before we tie.   

This is scheduled for Thursday February 6th at 6pm MST/ 8pm EST and will last approximately 90 minutes. Thank you for your attendance at the session! If you wish to view the recorded version, Click here to view the session

Blazin Mini Cheech Leech

If you  wish to participate a little more actively, we'll be doing a few live pattern tying demos, including a tie-along for those that have a webcam and want to participate with us live and in person ( in-person as you can get with a webcam). With this interactive mode, you can follow along, ask questions and we can see what you're tying at the same time.

Because we're limited to 8 tyers in the video conference room, it's a first-come and first-served basis on that. First, you will need a Google+ account and add me (Curtis Fry) to your circles: Then at the time of the event, go to my Google+ page,, and you will see the Google Hangout started. Click to join that event.

We highly recommend you have a high quality webcam with macro or close up capabilities in order to get the most out of the tie-along. Email us if you wish to be one of the 8 tyers in the interactive video conference. 

If you don't wish to join the interactive video conference or we run out of room in the conference room, no worries as you can enjoy the live streaming event on YouTube without joining up or even having a Google+ account. It will be 100% open to the public for viewing at this link:


We have gotten some good suggestions for patterns to tie.  Because of the difficulty in doing a "tie-along" type event, we will just present the flies and post recipes after the session.  We have a general idea of what we will be tying, but we still are going to keep it flexible.

We look forward to you joining us!