An effective "one material" fly.


When I fish lakes, I really like to have something in my box that is different from the typical brown, black, and olive wooly buggers that are commonly sold at shops.  When I got my first pelt of Whiting Soft Hackle with Chick-a-bou, I immediately started thinking of stillwater applications for it.  I wanted to tie something that was super simple and very effective, so I think you will see this in the Chick-a-Bugger.  This can be modified in size and color to fish like a leech, damsel, or even a small minnow.  All I know, is that there are a ton of moving parts that the fish love.

Material List:

Hook: Allen S402 #10  -- Buy here --
Thread: UTC 70 Chartreuse or Olive  -- Buy Here --
Tail/Body: Chick-a-bou
Collar: Soft hackle from Chick-a-bou pelt.  -- Buy Here --

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~ Cheech