Swinging Midge Style: The Opal Swinger

Swing High, Swing Low...

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It was a few years ago that I was fishing a decent midge hatch and happened to realize that, in a given stretch of river, the fish would end up keying a bit more on my pupa dropper pattern as it completed its drag-free drift and began to swing in the current. After a few solid hits and a couple of fish to hand, I decided it was time to go "all in" and I tied on a Syl's Midge and started swinging. Not surprisingly, we had a great hour or two catching fish after fish on the swing.

Since then, I've had a few great midge swinging outings and I've dialed in a few more patterns that work well on the swing. This flashy pupa soft hackle is one of those. I tie it in a variety of sizes from as small as a #22 up to a #14. By using a high quality hen cape, like the Whiting one pictured here, you can get the supple soft hackle style feathers in some very small sizes. And as with other midge pupa patterns, the flashy body imitates the midges as they pupate and emerge. Great combination.

Whiting Hen Cape showing smaller sizes

The Opal Swinger

Hook: Allen N205BL #16 (Buy Here)
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier, Black
Body: UTC Mirage Tinsel, Opal, Med
Ribbing: Dark Green Sulky Holoshimmer
Hackle. Whiting Hen Cape, Dark Barred Ginger
Head: Thread with Clear Cure Goo Hydro