The Quill Gordon

And a new hackle brand

As we do from time to time, we like to try as many materials, tools, vises and anything else out there that we can work into our fly tying repertoire (fancy word for "crap we do"). Anyway, I had seen some good things said about Clearwater Hackle and decided to try them out. We'll probably work up a more in-depth review on their hackle in general later on, but this was one of the first patterns I churned out of the vise. 

As you can see on their website, they offer some really nice colors in a variety of capes, saddles and soft hackle pelts. Additionally, Cleawater's tag line is "Quality Hackle at an Affordable Price", so you can hopefully snag some good values on their products. 

Quill Gordon Dry Fly
The hackle on the fly here was from a Light Barred Ginger Cape #2. It's a great hackle color to begin with and it really screamed Quill Gordon to me.

I had some pretty sweet quills from a recent midge session and a really awesome set of Lemon Wood Duck fibers from Hareline, so it worked out. Plus, the Allen D102BL hook is a great choice for classic dry flies like this.